Making the Most of a Job You Don’t Love

Work takes up so much of our time as adults. In an ideal world, everyone would enjoy their job and be fulfilled by it. For some individuals that is reality, but unfortunately for many others a job is merely a way to pay the bills. I think work enjoyment can fall on a spectrum; people lucky enough to turn their passion into a career are on one end of the spectrum and on the opposite end are people who absolutely loathe their jobs. I think the majority of people would fall somewhere in between. The reasons for disliking a job can be as varied as the reasons for loving it. It might be about the actual task, maybe it’s not challenging enough or doesn’t feel purposeful. Maybe it is about the environment and trying to work with challenging co-workers or learning to work for a boss who is anything but understanding. It’s not always doable to pick up and leave a job when things are tough for various reasons. If you find yourself in this boat, here are a couple of suggestions to help you navigate and keep balanced.

1) Don’t take work home. No matter how we feel about our job, it is important to have healthy boundaries. If your job isn’t your ideal place of employment, it is even more important to protect your off time. Power down your phone and resist looking at and answering work emails after a certain time.

2) Have activities to be involved in on your off time. Doing activities and things you enjoy will help fill up your tank and will give you something to look forward to through the day.

3) See if flex hours are doable. Sometimes changing up the work schedule can ease work dissatisfaction. Not a morning person? See if it’s possible to adjust your start and end times. Look into working a little longer during the week to get an EDO.

4) Take your breaks. It is really easy to eat lunch at your desk and dismiss coffee breaks. You are given breaks for a reason, use them! Get out for a walk, read a book, maybe even hit the gym. Use your breaks to change up the pace of your day and give you a little pick me up.

5) Make the most of your weekends. If you are always living for the weekend, it might be time to consider a new job. However, temporarily focusing on your off days can help boost you through the week and can provide a fun little reward for sticking with it.



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