Hello Baby:Encouragement for New Parents (or Any Parent)

This weekend I am attending a baby shower for one of my closest friends. I know her and her partner are absolutely over the moon to be welcoming their first child, but I have no doubt there is a lot of nervousness too. Being a parent is the toughest job there is and it seems that everyone has an opinion on how to do the job. Including me. Since I don’t have children myself, my views may seem irrelevant or maybe very relevant as an outsider. Regardless, there are 3 things that come to my mind for new parents or really any parent.

1) Step away from the internet. Yes technology rules the world and is part of daily life, but just because it’s there doesn’t mean we should always use it. Parents managed to successfully raise children without always Googling or turning to Web MD. If you have concerns or questions (as any parent will) why not check in with the people who raised you or another trusted support? Use the family and friends around you. Pick their brains and find what works for you. I’m not saying the internet can’t be helpful, but it shouldn’t be the only source of information.

2) There is no perfect parent. The majority of parents love and care for their children and want nothing but the best for them. Which can make parents incredibly hard on themselves. You will makes mistakes and that is absolutely okay. There are many ways to parent, not a right or wrong way. Cut yourself some slack. As long as your child has the necessities in life and they are shown love and affection, then you are doing just fine.

3) Make parenting work for you. There is no ideal family or particular way to raise a family. Of course kids change your life, but that doesn’t mean you have to morph into someone you aren’t. Not crafty? Great, don’t stress yourself doing Pinterest crafts. Love traveling? Awesome, find family friendly destinations that will work for the whole family. As mentioned, everyone has an ideas of how to parent, but at the end of the day it’s your child and your choice.



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