Anniversaries: Take the Time to Celebrate Your Love Story

I’m writing this post on the Labor Day holiday which just so happens to be my 7 year wedding anniversary (obviously I’m writing this in between my husband and I feeding one another strawberries). It’s hard to believe we have been married 7 years and together 13 years, time has absolutely flown by! I would like to encourage all couples to do something my husband and I did a really poor job of this year; celebrate.

Let me explain a little bit. This weekend has been a great weekend and Gary and I got to spend a lot of time together, which isn’t always possible because of differing work schedules. We had a ton of fun playing Wii, running errands, hanging out with friends, and finishing our latest NetFlix obsession (Stranger Things – watch it!). What we didn’t do was give our anniversary the attention I think it deserves. We got to spend time together which was great, but our anniversary was no different than any other day that we hang out.

Relationships are work. It is a continuous effort of two people showing up each and every day, saying “I’m in.” Nothing in life is permanent, good times come and go as do the tough times. Your partner is there with you through it all. Your partner sees your best side, your worst side and every side in between and still chooses to love you. I’m sad to say in the busyness of life and in trying to save up for a big trip, we placed our anniversary on the backburner. What I (and Gary forgot) was celebrating isn’t about cards or flashy gifts, but about acknowledging and celebrating a love story. It doesn’t take money, just some thought and creativity. Or maybe even just sitting down and reflecting on the past years together and looking forward to more to come. I would encourage everyone to do something meaningful for anniversaries because love is worth celebrating and your partner deserves some credit for putting up with your bad habits.



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