Bring Out Your Inner Olympian

Every two years, the world gathers together to celebrate sport in either the summer or winter Olympics and I am one of those people who is glued to the television for the duration of the games. Sports I’ve never had an interest in become an all-consuming passion for two weeks. I love the grit and determination of the athletes, the stories of their journey to realize their dream. I love the comradery and how sport highlights that we are more similar than different. Whether you are competing at a high level in sport (or any activity for that matter) or just enjoy hitting the gym, here are a couple of ideas to bring out your inner champion and make the most of your workout.

1) Get into a routine. Prior to competing or working out, have a pregame routine that you can follow for comfort and familiarity.

2) Practice visualization. Whether you are preparing for a big game or trying to do your first pull up, visualize your performance. Focus in on the specific details; see your clothing, your facial expression, your background. Visualize your body achieving what you want it to.

3) Relax. It’s a fine line between being fired up and letting the adrenaline work for you and having too much adrenaline and letting the nerves take over. Practice breathing exercises to focus your attention and settle both the body and mind.

4) Have fun! Remember why you are doing this activity. Appreciate your hard work, effort and what you are capable of.



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