Too Many Options and Not Enough Time: The Challenge of Finding My Niche

I am in another workshop this week and I’m super excited to share some of what I’ve learned on the blog. I will save it until next week though as I still have another day of training. While I truly enjoy workshops and training opportunities, I am a bit of a commitment phobe when it comes to following up with dedicated training. There are so many opportunities out there for additional training, which is both wonderful and daunting. Just about every workshop I attend, I leave with a feeling that this could be my “thing.” This could be the theory/intervention that I really connect to that changes the way I practice therapy. Typically a few days after training, the love affair dies off.

I am sure to some degree this is pretty common for most new therapists. I wonder though, how long does one get to hold on to the notion of being new? I remember when I first graduated from my program and was looking to apply to various organizations and do EFAP work the standard for experience was 5 years, which seemed so far away.  I realized this spring that I had hit 5 years post grad. Where the heck did the time go? While I definitely know I have so much more to learn and will hopefully enjoy many more years in the field, I’m not sure if I can still claim that I’m new.

I think a part of this process of finding my niche is about being realistic. Just as there is no magic cure for any client who walks through the door, there is not going to be a magic therapeutic approach that fits with all of my views. I am definitely guilty (and I know I’m not the only one) of buying books on different theories and approaches that end up collecting dust on my bookshelf. I have decided this is a great place to start and before I start purchasing any other material, I need to get more familiar with the information I have. I think the blog will be a great platform to share some of these resources and maybe even get some conversation going. First up, is Brené Brown and “The Gifts of Imperfection.” Stayed tuned to see where this leads!



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