Stepping Outside the Box

Side note: I was out of the country for 3 weeks and had prescheduled blogs to post, but for whatever reason they didn’t post. I’m home and back at it. I will post about my adventures next week!


I was watching a morning news show just before the holidays and was distracted doing something else, but I caught the tail end of an author promoting his new book about stepping outside of our comfort zone. I missed the title, but am on a mission to hunt this book down. I have written posts about this before, but this brief news segment was a reminder that outside of the box is where all the magic happens.

When we push ourselves, this is where we build confidence and trust in our skills and abilities. We find out that we are much more capable than we have ever given ourselves credit. Stepping outside of our zone doesn’t have to be anything crazy or daring (though it could be), but it is anything that challenges us and is not familiar. Stepping outside of our comfort zone is scary as hell, but it is okay to be scared. Just because we are scared doesn’t mean we can’t do it.

If we push ourselves and things don’t go as well as we hoped, this is a learning experiencing! We can give ourselves a pat on the back just for trying. Maybe whatever we have tried isn’t our thing or maybe it could be with some practice. This fall a girlfriend and I decided to try out different workout activities. This led us to doing barre class, suspension training, self-defense, rock climbing, and hot yoga. I had done hot yoga before, but it had been a couple of years and at a different studio. For whatever reason, I couldn’t handle the heat and slinked out half way through class. Was it embarrassing? Yup (the instructor followed me out). Was it that bad? No. I’m glad I gave it a go and may try again in the future (knowing it is okay if I do more sitting than yoga).

I would encourage everyone to look for small things to do differently that can challenge and push your comfort zone. Start small, especially if this seems daunting, and let your successes build you up to bigger challenges. Learn from the not so successful moments and celebrate how much bigger your world is getting.



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