Fall Time Fresh Start

In many ways September feels like the start of a new year. There is anticipation in the air for the upcoming school year, holiday time is winding down and many people are getting back into the routine of a regular work week. Fall can be the perfect time to hit the refresh button – forget New Year’s resolutions, why not make a fall resolution?! In fact, why not make several? Hitting the refresh button doesn’t have to mean extreme changes, but can mean little tweaks to the routine and a fresh perspective. I have recently undergone some work changes and this is the perfect time to get back into the zone and remember why I choose this profession. Below are a couple of ideas that may help you hit your groove this fall.

1) Start off the day on the right foot. As well as all the basics of getting ready in the morning, give yourself some time to start off the day on a positive note. Maybe that means getting up a little early to exercise, meditate, read or enjoy a coffee before life gets busy. Taking a few minutes in the morning to settle yourself can really help set the intention for the day.

2) Give your work space a makeover. It’s easier to be focused and productive when we enjoy the space we are in. Depending on your work, how you can change the space may be limited. Get creative! It doesn’t take much, pictures (personal or paintings), personal trinkets, even specific office supplies can all help a work station feel more like home.

3) Be intentional with your time. Going into the fall can be a great time to re-evaluate your work hours. Does your place of employment allow for flexibility? If so, check in and make sure the hours you are working best accommodate your home life. Are you working a lot of overtime or frequently working at home? Be reflective and see if this still work for you. Maybe some boundaries need to be implemented around your time and the projects you take on.

4) Try something new. This is the time of year activities and clubs are getting underway. Push your comfort zone and try something new or get back into an activity that has fallen off your radar. There is never a better time than now to explore your interests and practice work/life balance.

How do you hit refresh for fall? I would love to hear any tips or changes you put into practice that set the tone for a positive, productive fall.



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