Back to Reality: Getting into Work Mode After Holidays

So I don’t know about you, but to me the August long weekend starts to feel like the end of summer. That might seem a bit silly because we have all of August left, but it starts to feel like summer is on the decline. The  days are getting shorter and the evenings are starting to feel a little bit cooler. Many of us are lucky to take some time off from work during the summer months and those lucky teachers get the whole summer off (I know, they definitely earn it). While summer holidays are wonderful and a good time to recharge the batteries, getting back into the groove at work (or even getting on board to go back to work) can be challenging. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind so your return to work doesn’t have to be a downer.

  1. If possible make your first week back a short week. If you’ve had a good chunk of time off, it can be a bit of a shock to head back to work for 5 straight days. If you can, go back during the middle of the week or after a long weekend to help you ease back into routine.
  2. Set aside check in time. Depending on your job, you may be bombarded with emails and phone messages. Set aside an hour (or the morning) to go through old messages so you can get caught up without being interrupted.
  3. Try to avoid meetings the first day back. Let’s be honest, we often are still in holiday mode the first couple of days back so try to do easy tasks and get yourself caught up, rather than trying to jump in and hit the ground running.
  4. Take your breaks. It’s a good idea to take breaks during the day all of the time, but especially when we are just getting back into work. When we give ourselves as break we actually become more productive. It is a chance to clear your mind and get refocused. If you are struggling to get back into work mode, break times can be used as a motivator to get things done so you can take a break a remember all the fun times you had on your holiday 🙂
  5. Be gentle with yourself. It takes most of us a few days to get back into the old routine. Don’t beat yourself if you aren’t your usual productive self. Give yourself some credit for the work you are getting done and know that soon enough you will be back into the groove.



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