Finding Your Passion in Life

So this week was a tough post for me to write. Not because I don’t have passion, but because I might have a little too much! Let me explain. Last weekend I saw a really upsetting story on CBC about the rhino poaching crisis in Central and South Africa. In fall of 2014, my husband and I had the opportunity to visit South Africa and completely fell in love. We knew we would always be back, but this news story has prompted us to look at going back sooner rather than later. I have always had the idea of volunteering in animal conservation, but now it seems like this is something I have to do.

To say I’ve been preoccupied with looking at volunteer opportunities over the past couple of weeks is an understatement (obsessed would be more accurate). As a result of my researching, I have been procrastinating on my blog article (we all procrastinate at some time or another!) However, this did get me thinking about life’s passions and following your heart. I have always really enjoyed traveling, but volunteering abroad is something new for me. I have a feeling though that traveling and volunteering, particularly with animal conservation is a passion of mine.

How do we find our passions and more importantly, how do we follow them? I often ask people what they are passionate about and more often than not people are unsure. What gets you really excited, what feeds your soul? Is it becoming a mother/father or caregiver? Is it trying crazy, live on the edge activities? Is it meeting new people and learning about new cultures? Teaching? The sky is the limit. I think we can have multiple passions and our passions might be a part of our day to day lives and/or also something we save up for an experience on certain occasions. Not sure what your passions are? Sit back and reflect – what gets you emotional? What fires you up? Once you have found an emotional connection to a concept, this is the starting place to explore.

If we are pursuing and engaged in our passions, I think this trickles over to every aspect of our life. I absolutely love my job as a therapist, but I have found that having this volunteer experience to plan has given me an extra spark in my job. There is no time like the present to find your passion. Reflect on your interests and find an emotional connection to a cause or activity. From there, take a look at the steps that need to be taken to get involved. Even if it might take a while to follow through, the planning and preparation can be just as exciting. What things are you passionate about, what has given your life extra meaning?



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