Mental Health Issues Don’t Take Summer Holidays

The weather has been awesome the past few weeks and the kids (and teachers) have a countdown to the last day of school. Summer is right around the corner, as are family reunions, BBQ’s, and weddings. Who has time for counseling?! Summer can be a really fun, relaxing and sometimes busy time. It can be really easy to not think about counselling or mental health in general. However, mental health issues don’t take holidays. A mental health disorder, a case of the blues, or anxiousness can hit us at any time. Sometimes if we experience a mental health issue during the summer months it can come as a surprise because it seems like life runs a little smoother in the summer.

If you have been dealing with a mental health concern, I would really encourage you to continue working towards management and wellness and not take a summer break. Use the great weather to do activities that bring you joy and continue to focus time and attention on your well-being. Pay attention to how many social engagements you are saying yes to and try not to spread yourself too thin. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t participate in the social gatherings that make summer so great, but just be aware how much you are committing yourself. Ensure you take some time for yourself and schedule rest and relaxation. If would seem silly to take a break from working towards a healthy heart, or to stop taking insulin if you have diabetes. Same goes for mental health issues.





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