Keeping the Love Alive

Last week I wrote about the importance of a physical relationship with our partner, so this week I thought I would throw out some ideas for keeping the love alive. Just as a reminder, having a physical relationship doesn’t just mean sex, it is any type of physical contact that can bring us closer to our partner. Here are a few ideas to help you connect physically with your partner.

  1. Schedule touchy time. I know that doesn’t sound really romantic, but sometimes we need to schedule a time to be intimate, just like we do any other activity. That way you can be sure you and your partner have some uninterrupted alone time.
  2. Start and end your day with a hug or kiss.
  3. Hold hands. Remember how you used to do that when you first got together? Simple hand holding is a great way to offer support, affection and to feel connected.
  4. Exercise together. This can give you a perfect chance to be one another’s cheerleader and can provide opportunities for hugs and high 5’s. Plus if you are feeling good about your own body, you are more likely to want to share it with someone else.
  5. Try something new together (out of the bedroom). This provides couples with a chance to be a team and accomplish something. Whether it be taking on a cooking class, dance class or home project, bonding over an achieved task can translate to physical connection as well.
  6. Put the Technology away. If you don’t have Instagram or Facebook keeping you busy, you have more opportunity to engage with your partner. Whether that is doing an activity together or just talking, the more quality time you are spending together the more opportunity there is for intimacy.
  7. Take the pressure off to have sex and focus on PG rated touching. Again intimacy doesn’t just mean sex, but many times that is how we define it. This can end up leading to a whole lot of pressure. Ditch the pressure and the expectations and focus on the small touches.

What tips and tricks do you have for making sure that physical touch doesn’t take a back seat in your relationship?



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