Let’s Get Physical: The Importance of Physical Intimacy

Physical intimacy is an important part of any personal relationship. Physical intimacy doesn’t just refer to sex, though it definitely includes it, but any activity that involves physical touch. Often when we first get involved with someone, physical intimacy plays a large part in developing the relationship. Over time as we get to know one another and establish a life together, physical touch can take a back seat. Every couple is going to be different in terms of how often they have sex or engage in other acts of physical touch. There is definitely not a normal standard. As long as each person in the relationship is satisfied, then that’s normal.

Even though sex and physical intimacy is a natural and healthy part of any relationship, it can sometimes be awkward to talk about. I would throw out there that any discussion about sex or intimacy should take place away from the bedroom, when everyone still has their clothes on and no one is in a….compromising position. If you truly feel comfortable and respected by your partner, any discussion around intimacy should be fair game. You should be free to share what you need and want out of a physical relationship.

While sex and intimacy can be something that slides the longer a couple is together, I would encourage all couples to try and make it a priority. Physical intimacy provides valuable couple time and keeps us connected to our partner. As I said, this doesn’t just refer to sex, but any acts of physical contact. Simple kissing, something we often do when we are first dating but is often forgotten the longer we are together, is a great way to connect and bond. Maintaining a physical relationship with your partner does require some time and effort. This is part of the beauty of it though – it is a chance to prioritize one another and the relationship. It lets your partner know they are important and that you want to make them as well as yourself feel good.

I would encourage everyone tonight to put down the technology or even better, leave it out of the bedroom and spend a little time snuggling up to your partner.



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