Spring Cleaning for Mental Health

So I think it is safe to say that we are finally done with winter. A lot of people (myself included) have been hit with spring fever and are ready to get outside and enjoy some fresh air. Often we have a list of things that we want to get done around the house or things that need to be dusted off out of storage and brought out for the summer. What if we took the same approach to our mental health and did a check in to make sure our well-being doesn’t fall to the back burner?

Winter can be long and for many people it might seem like the right time to check in with a counsellor. Days are short, cold and gloomy and many of us are fighting off the winter blues to some degree or another. All of a sudden the weather starts getting nice and people tend to forget about issues or choose to ignore them. Who’s got time for therapy when there are BBQ’s to be had?!

While the arrival of spring is definitely something to celebrate here are a couple of things to keep in mind so you don’t forget about your overall well-being

  1. Don’t over extend yourself. There is lots to do in spring and summer which is fantastic. However, it can lead to burnout if you are trying to participate in everything. It is okay to say no to the annual slow pitch tourney or family BBQ. Remember, these activities are supposed to be fun, not stressful.
  2. Don’t forget about exercise. Spring and summer can definitely give us a chance to be more active, but it can also give us a lot of opportunities to sit and relax. Maybe the gym membership can take a hiatus, but make sure you are out walking, biking, doing yard stuff or anything else that gets you moving.
  3. Be aware of alcohol consumption. Spring and summer are patio and BBQ season. By all means join in the festivities, but watch your alcohol intake because it is easy to get carried away. If we have impaired our judgment with alcohol, who knows what predictions or situations we may find ourselves in. Better to be proactive rather than deal with the fall out. Plus no one likes dealing with a hangover.



2 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning for Mental Health

  1. Lovely post! We have had beautiful weather this week in the North-East of England and it’s been wonderful to get outside and feel the sunshine. I notice people generally seem more cheerful in the spring and summer.

    • Hello! Thanks for stopping by and for the comment. It really is amazing how the weather can affect our mood. We have finally gotten rid of winter (fingers crossed) but are still waiting for some really warm spring days. Soon hopefully!

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