Appreciating Our Good Qualities

We have been programmed from a young age to pick ourselves apart and that to acknowledge the good in ourselves, both physically and personality wise, is being boastful. What a crock of crap! There are so many more good things about a person, both inside and out, than there is negative. I will often ask clients if they can think of things that they do not like about themselves. Everyone I have asked have quickly answered yes. I will then ask clients if they can think of things that they do like about themselves and just about everyone struggles to come up with even one or two things. This is such a sad statement about how we really see ourselves. No matter what happens in life, the relationship we have with ourselves will be constant. You can never get rid of yourself, so why not try and make that relationship as positive as possible?!

An exercise that I really love giving out to clients involves making a list of qualities that you genuinely love and appreciate about yourself. The list can involve both physical and personality traits. A lot of people find it tricky to come up with things, but if you can put one thing down, then it’s a start. I always tell people that they can ask family and friends for input if they would like, but that you can’t just write down what they say- you have to genuinely buy into it. I then tell people to put this list somewhere they will see it on a regular basis. The list is meant to be a work in process, not something that is ever completed. The idea behind it though that is if we start changing our focus to look at the good things we have to off, then we are taking away power of negativity. It is really cool to watch a client’s perception of themself change overtime, simply by changing the focus of their attention. It might seem a bit cheesy, but I would challenge everyone to give this a shot. Besides, who doesn’t like cheese 🙂



2 thoughts on “Appreciating Our Good Qualities

  1. Hey Danielle just found your site and I’m following now 🙂
    I have done this with clients too. It is great to see the change starting to happen when they realise how much they actually like about themselves…starting the change in their own perception of themselves…Therefore now strong enough to be able to handle deeper issues.
    I like your honest style of writing.

    • Hey Stephen, thanks for stopping by and for the comment! It is awesome being able to watch a client start to appreciate themselves and how that change in perspective can change all aspects of their life. I look forward to stopping in to check out your blog 🙂

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