The Juggling Act: Trying to Balance Busy Lives

Are we being realistic with everything that we expect out of ourselves? I think this answer will vary from individual to individual, but I think many of us are not being fair with our expectations. It has been a common theme coming through the office lately. It seems like people have several different things they are trying to balance or juggle on their plate and they are struggling. I have noticed this struggle manifesting in clinical diagnoses and non-clinical general discomfort.

We definitely live in a fast paced lifestyle and technology has made life both easier and more difficult. Busyness has somehow become the norm. Everyone is different in terms of the load they can handle before they become overwhelmed, but I think technology has clouded our vision in what is an acceptable load for us personally. We are constantly bombarded with tweets, Facebook and Instagram posts highlighting people’s accomplishments and how much they have to do. It surprises me sometimes when a client will outline all of their commitments and not understand why they are feeling anxious and overwhelmed. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed just listening!

While having commitments and goals is a good thing, if you are feeling really stressed and overwhelmed, it may be time to reevaluate what is on your plate. Is there a commitment or duty that you can give up or change? Where are these commitments coming from? Are these things you genuinely want to do, or are you feeling pressure that you have to do them? While I think finding complete balance in life might be a bit of a stretch, it is something to keep in mind and potentially strive towards. I would throw out that feeling balanced will be different for everyone and as long as you are feeling in control and your life commitments are manageable, then you’ve nailed it.



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