Change Can Be Tricky: Tips for Adapting to a New Normal

Humans are creatures of habit, some of us more so than others. I am hit with this as a reminder as I prepare to start a 6 month part time contract for an out of town agency. Working at Professional Counsellors and Psychologists (PPC) is my comfort zone. I am comfortable with the policy and procedure and most importantly, the staff. Being in my comfort zone has built up my confidence in my abilities as a therapist and the service I am providing to my clients.  Of course this wasn’t always the case, I was new at PPC once before as well.

As I go into this new position, I have been thinking of ways to try and make the transition a little easier. Most of us tend to feel a little bit anxious when things in our life change. Whether that be a change in job, relationship, living arrangements or any other change. Here are some suggestions that can help us adjust and find a new normal.

  1. Educate yourself. Knowledge is always power and depending on what is transitioning in your life, do your best to inform yourself about the upcoming changes. Look up your new company, familiarize yourself with your new neighborhood, if your relationship is ending, find out your legal rights. Whatever is changing in your life, do your best to research the situation.
  2. Get organized. Ease a little bit of stress and empower yourself by getting things prepared ahead of time. In the case of a new job, that might mean making lunch the night before and packing your work bag. If you are moving, that might mean packing a little bit at a time instead of leaving it until the last minute.
  3. Talk about it. Whether it be a positive or negative change, it can be overwhelming. Use your supports to share how you’re feeling and also to brainstorm solutions.
  4. Be patient with yourself. Change can be really uncomfortable. Change helps us to become better people, it pushes us to learn and grow. It can also be extremely scary. Give yourself a break as you adjust to your new situation. Make sure you incorporate self-care into your day and allow yourself healthy stress relievers.

Whatever transition you are going through, know that it too will become comfortable. With some time, everything new become familiar.



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