New Year, Fresh Start

As January 1/15 approaches, a big dilemma emerges; to make or not make a New Year’s resolution. I think there are pros and cons to both sides. It is always great to have goals, but if they are made out of habit or because we think we should, we are likely setting ourselves up for failure. While a lot of New Year’s resolutions are centered around fitness, weight loss or other means of self-improvement, I want to encourage everyone to try a different resolution; be nicer to yourself.

We live in a fast paced, hectic world where many of us are our own worst critic. Take a minute and think about how you talk to yourself, how you treat your body. Would you say the same things to a close friend? If the answer to that is no, why is it okay to treat yourself that way? How might our everyday life be different if we showed ourselves the same compassion we show friends and family?

As we roll into 2015, let’s think about shifting the focus from self-improvement to self- acceptance. I would venture that you really can’t have the former without the latter. As I think about being nicer to myself in 2015, 3 resolutions come to mind that will help big picture.

  1. Say no. Being nicer to ourselves might mean putting up stronger boundaries. It is okay to say no to others and put yourself first. In fact in makes you more capable to give to others. If you are running on empty, how can you look after others?
  2.  Say yes. Say yes to new experiences and opportunities. Fear and negative self-talk can hold us back from being the person we can be.
  3.  Make mistakes. Nobody likes to make mistakes, but we all do it. What would happen if we embraced that? For myself, I think that would mean freedom. Freedom to take chances and know that it might not work out, but that it will get me closer to where I want to be.

As I set these resolutions up for myself, I would love to hear your resolutions. What step can you take to be nicer to yourself?



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