Back to School: Sending Kids to School for the First Time

All over the country parents have an extra spring in their step as they prepare to send the kids back to school. Come the end of June everyone is ready for a break. By the end of August I think many people are ready to get back into the routine of the school/work year. While lots of parents undoubtedly can’t wait for September 2 to arrive, there are many parents who approach the upcoming school year with nervousness and apprehension. The start of the school year can be a difficult transition for parents sending their kids to kindergarten.
Sending a child off to school is a start to the next phase of life. It can be a bittersweet moment. It is official that your child is no longer a baby and is ready to start exercising some independence. Putting a child into school means that you need to give up some control. You will not know everything that your child is up to, if they are participating in class or if they are making friends. You have to trust that our education system will look after your child.
To the parents who are in this boat, I say give yourself some credit. I think parents are infamous for seconding guessing themselves and downplaying the good they do. This is understandable since kids don’t come with a manual. However, have some trust in yourself that you have given your child a positive start to life and that they are ready to take on the exciting challenges of the school world. While it might be hard to believe that your baby is ready to enter into school, be proud of the little human you have shaped. I would encourage all kindergarten parents to get excited for the start of school and all of the great things your child is going to bring home to you. After all the start of school might be the next phase, but it is a long phase. Your baby will be with you for many years to come.



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