Busyness Doesn’t Equal Importance

I get it, you’re busy. You have got a lot on your plate such as work, school, looking after kids (or furry kids), making time for friends and family, and any other activities you have on the go. Let’s be honest though, everyone is busy. I know a family that is sooo busy that they can’t take days off work. They will work their butts off now, so that when they are retirement age they can enjoy their hard work. I understand the mentality around that, but unfortunately life doesn’t always work out as planned. What is the point of working so hard or being so busy that you can’t take some time to enjoy life? It sometimes seems that it is a competition to see who has the most going on, like busyness is a sign of importance.

Whether you have a lot on your plate or very little, it does not change your value or importance as a person. Maybe we all need to take a step back and ask ourselves why we feel the need to be so busy. Have we been taught that a moment not working on something is a wasted moment, or that relaxation is laziness? When we slow down and take time to do things we want to do instead of have to do, we replenish our tank. It’s like a refresh. We have more patience and can accomplish more if we take time to relax.

I would encourage everyone to take a step back and enjoy the moment, enjoy life. Not what life might be 5 or 10 years from now, but life right now.  I’m reminded of that TV commercial where two parents are rushing to get their kids into two different vehicles and off to their respective activities. In the middle of the hustle their neighbors drive by in their motor home, off to enjoy each other’s company in the camp ground. The parents decide to ditch their crazy schedules and do the same. Let this commercial be a reminder to all of us to slow down. After all, what is the point of being so busy if we can’t enjoy life?



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