Coping with Conflict at Work

No matter what we do in life, whether it be related to work, school, or family, there are always going to be people that we do not get along with. We all have different personalities and different triggers and fact of the matter is there are always going to be people in our life who we are not particularly fond of. Sometimes we are able to avoid those we clash with. Sometime we can’t. How do we manage to conduct ourselves in a professional manner while engaging in a relationship with someone we don’t get along with?

I think one of the best things we can try and do for a rocky relationship is try not to take it to heart. The sooner we can accept that it is okay if everyone doesn’t like us and for us not to like everyone, the sooner we can deal with the situation. It can be easy to let an interpersonal conflict play on our emotions, but we need to do our best to remain calm and rational.

If you are struggling with a work colleague or peer, try to keep your interactions to a minimal and focused on joint tasks. Prior to interactions it may be helpful to write down an agenda so if things do get off topic or conflict arises, you have a something that can get you back on track.

While there may be situations where other people need to be involved, try to keep that to a minimum. It is fine to get frustrated with colleagues and to want to vent about those frustrations, but do that with people outside of the office or school environment. Gossip is not going to improve the situation.

While it can be frustrating to work with someone we don’t like, the more detached we can remain, the easier it will be to cope. Any tips or tricks that have helped you manage co-worker conflict?


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