Has Your Smartphone Become the “Other Person” in Your Relationship?

How on earth did we ever survive before smartphones? It seems now days that society is so reliant on technology and sometimes it is hard to remember a time when it didn’t dominate our lives. It is for this reason that I choose to give up social media for lent. Okay, so I kind of had to cheat because I run the social media sites for PPC, but I decided it was realistic to pick one day a week (usually Saturday or Sunday) where I do not go on any type of social media site. I have noticed in myself that it is so easy to be on social media or play on my phone whenever I don’t have something to do. I often find myself scrolling through facebook during commercials or before bed. There has been a few times my husband and I have commented that we have become “those people” who are sitting right next to each, not talking, yet being so connected on social media. Technology has become the third wheel in our relationship.

In this day and age it’s unrealistic to think we can get rid of our smartphones, but can we put limits or boundaries on them? I love the idea of going without or greatly reducing social media use one day a week and this is something I hope to continue on with. I also think it can be helpful to have a cut off time in the evenings for phones. Say for example, you implement a cutoff time of 8:00pm. From that time on you can truly connect with your partner and/or family and spend quality time together. This can be a time to really talk and share what has happened in your day and what’s on your mind. After all should those closest to us really have to hear about our day through social media? Constantly posting and sharing takes away the need to have a check in discussion with our partner or family. If you do implement a cut off time, I think the old notion of “out of sight, out of mind” goes a long way. Tuck your phone into a drawer, put it away for the evening. Remember, if someone truly needs to reach you they will call.

It is so easy to get caught up in posting a cute instagram photo or witty tweet. We can get consumed in documenting our lives that we forget to actually live it. Next time you’re tempted to share a snippet of your life, take a step back and focus on the moment. I’m sure your followers won’t mind.


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