What brings you in?

For anyone who has been reading along (hi Mom and Dad) the last few posts have talked about what people can expect from counselling and the process of setting up an appointment. While I think this was good information to provide, I would like to now focus more on the issues that bring people through the doors.

People come to counselling for just about any reason you can think of. Some people are looking for relief to a current crisis or issue and others are looking for strategies to manage long term challenges. I have worked with some clients who simply come because it is their time to actually focus on their own thoughts. Whatever your reason, it is a good one.

I have noticed that many people who come to counselling tend to have something in common – they are used to putting themselves on the backburner. That is they tend to put others wants and needs before their own. Think for a moment of the last time you were on an airplane (bear with me). When they give the safety talk and say oxygen masks will come from the roof if the cabin loses pressure, the flight attendants always stress to put your own oxygen on before assisting others. Why is this? Because you can’t help anyone else unless you help yourself first. For some, this is a difficult concept to grasp as we are often told it is selfish to put ourselves first. Once clients understand that in order to effectively help others, they need to properly care for themselves, many stresses seems a whole lot more manageable. Such is the power of setting clear boundaries . . . to be continued next week.

If you have any suggestions for posts you would like to read about, please let me know!



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