Allow Me to Introduce Myself. . .

My name is Danielle McFadyen and I am a twenty something (closer to thirty) Registered Provisional Psychologist.  That’s a fancy way of saying I am under supervision until I complete the requirements to become a full practicing psychologist, which will hopefully happen in the next few months. I work part time at PPC, a private practice firm in Saskatoon, SK and part time at a non-profit agency in Prince Albert, SK.  At both places I work as a counselling Psychologist, providing therapeutic services.  I am going on my 7th year in the human service field and can genuinely say I love my job.

So why blog? Well why not? I did not grow up with social media, but I do realize the influence and impact of social media. It seems that in all business areas, clients are turning to social media to access services and stay connected. It only makes sense to provide that service and connection in the mental health field.

So beside the fact that it just makes sense to use social media, and everyone and their dog is doing it (seriously, there are dogs that have their own blogs), I also think I have an important message to share. Unfortunately, there is still a stigma associated with mental health illness. I want to use this platform to promote and educate people about mental health. The only way to get rid of the stigma is to talk about it and I want to be part of that conversation.

So what can you expect to see on this blog? I will be writing about all sorts of topics related to mental health, counselling, and psychology (i.e. anxiety, relationships, stress). You can also follow me on Facebook and Twitter where I will be posting positive mental health tips and info. If you have questions or comment, I would love to see them – let the conversation begin! 


2 thoughts on “Allow Me to Introduce Myself. . .

  1. Id like to know why so many psychologists think simply talking one sided to one person of a couple can give input as whether to take a break or leave their partner. Just because their partner had hurt them etc. For example ive hurt my bf without meaning to due to things beyond my control. Now I’m 100 percent well ..
    My life has been DESTROYED by a young female psychologist your age in saskatoon cause my boyfriend went for help for his issues with me and his own addictions and be cause of what he said instead of being impartial she gave him advice to step away from me and us for awhile she has never spoken to me to get the whole picture or anything my bf took that advice without her even knowing him really he gave her skewed info. And now my life is going through HELL since she talked to him . A good psychologist will never tell a person to leave or step away from a relationship unless there’s physical mental abuse of some sort . Even then the person may be screwed up that they are not Giving whole picture. I feel like I want to sue this lady now. Where is the professionalism when personal opinion and getting too emotionally attached to patients occurs. She gave her opinions instead of listening. I feel mis judged by this woman cause of my partner talking to her
    There are other people involved in patients lives psychologists should think about that before they open mouths to read from what they learned in books or give personal opinion. I am soooo distraught now cause of this woman giving that advice . Its highly unethical and wrong to do anything but listen and help and helping doesn’t mean giving advice that will cause more problems in the other half you don’t see. I am SO SO DEPRESSED CAUSE of this now.

    • Hi Kelly,
      I’m sorry to hear you are going through such a tough time right now. I can’t comment on the experience your boyfriend had with a psychologist, but I can share with you my approach. Ultimately I think clients need to make their own decisions and come to their own conclusions as it is their life and they are the true experts on it. One role a therapist may have is asking clients questions and helping them to see their situation from a different perspective. Sometimes when we are in the middle of a tough spot we get tunnel vision and it can be difficult to see other options or solutions. When I work with an individual who is having trouble with their relationship, the focus is often on their personal issues and what they want for themselves. If the client wants the relationship to continue, I will often suggest they see a different therapist to do some couples work.
      I hope you are looking after yourself and that you have some good supports in your life. It may be worthwhile to ask around and do some research to find a counsellor that you trust that can offer some support to you through this difficult time.

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